Outreach Clinic in Lviv 2018

This year’s Outreach Clinic in Lviv, Ukraine, initiated by Gennadiy Fuzaylov, took place from September 15th through September 21st at Medicover Medical Center. The American team included participants from Boston, St. Louis, and Michigan, including 7 doctors and 2 nurses. The Ukrainian team consisted of staff members of Medicover Clinic. Throughout the week more than 120 kids with severe burn injuries were examined and 64 surgeries were performed, most of which got laser treatment.

The significant support for the Mission was provided by Global health organization Americare, Children’s Burn Foundation, Omnis Foundation and Ukrainian National Women’s League of America. Special thanks to Drs. Daniel Driscoll, David Brown, Branko Bojovic, Jeremy Mountjoy, Justin Knittel, Shawn Dimond and Rachel Hooper, Kasi Rocha.

Lviv, 2018