Ihor Lakatosh Returns To Ukraine

Ihor Lakatosh and his guardian, Svitlana Konar, returned to Ukraine after a 5-month stay in Boston.

Ihor At Beach

While here, Ihor underwent several surgical procedures to help him recover from his burn injuries. Several diagnostic tests were also conducted to give Ihor’s medical team more insight into some of his health problems secondary to his burns. The discovery of certain bacteria in Ihor’s digestive tract proved to be significant, as Ihor began to gain much-needed weight once the bacteria was treated. Ihor also had a strict regimen of therapy to help him regain the ability to walk and use both his hands. Ihor made excellent progress while here, and even had time to go to the beach and play in the sand ! Ihor will soon go to a sanitarium in Latvia for additional therapy, and  will return to Boston in early 2015 for further treatment. DCTOHC is very grateful to Shriners, Mass General Hospital, Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, Philoxenia House, Burn Children Recovery Foundation and the many volunteers and individuals who helped Ihor during his treatment.

“Ukraine orphan walks again after burns treated in Boston”-  http://www.myfoxboston.com/story/25883497/ukraine-orphan-walks-again-after-burns-treated-in-boston