Dmitriy Kavun

At only 12-months of age, Dmitriy suffered third-degree burns to 45 percent of his body when he was injured in an accident involving boiling water.  As a result Dmitriy was left with limited mobility of his neck and arm, and painful emotional scars that inhibited his personality.
After enduring 18 excruciatingly painful operations in the Ukraine (where burn treatment is not as advanced as treatment available in the States), he was seen at our Outreach Clinic in Lviv on September 2012. We recommended to treat Dmitriy at Shriners Burn Institute in Boston due to the complexity of his medical condition, young age and inferior local resources.  Dmitriy arrived to Boston on December 20, 2012.  Together with child-life specialists at Shriners-Boston, doctors are working to repair Dmitriy’s skin, as well as his spirit, so that he may experience the kind of happy childhood he has not yet seen.  Doctors have performed four surgical reconstructive procedures on Dmitriy, using the latest technologies for burn and scar treatment.
Dmitriy returned back to Ukraine on March 5, 2013.