DCTOHC Has Full House This Summer

It has been a very busy summer for DCTOHC. Six children are currently in Boston for treatment, and a seventh, Ihor Lakatosh , returned to Ukraine on July 10th. The six children in Boston are Dmitriy, Nastya, Bogdan, Zakhar, Volodya and Irina. All of the children receive free medical treatment at Shriners, and all are burn victims except for Nastya, who suffers from complications due to a severe vitamin deficiency. Bogdan has finished treatment and is returning to Ukraine. Zakhar was recently provided a prosthetic arm and has frequent therapy to learn how to use it. Nastya and Dmitriy have already had surgery and have further treatment ahead of them. Irina arrived recently and has begun a regimen of treatment. Volodya remains in ICU at Shriners due to the extremely critical nature of his burns. Additional children are expected in September and November. DCTOHC is very grateful to all its partners who provide aid and support for our patients.