DCTOHC Aids Ukraine War Victims

Recognizing the difficulties currently being endured by the Ukrainian people, we were able to ship a container with medical aid: medical equipment (anesthesia machine, operating room table, electrocoutery, warming blanket, X-ray table) and more than 600 lbs. of surgical supplies to Ukraine to help those who have been injured in the war.


Boxes Of  Supplies Ready To Ship.
Boxes Of Supplies Ready To Ship.
Operating Table Ready To Ship.
Operating Table Ready To Ship.



We would like to acknowledge the help of Shriners Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in donating the equipment and supplies, Ginny Elington ( Shriners Hospital) for collecting all equipment and supplies,  Dr. Nishan Goudsuzian (Massachusetts General Hospital) and Aurelian Mardiros (A&A Industries) who facilitated the delivery and packing of the equipment, The Ukrainian National Women’s League of America who generously funded the shipment, and the Human Rights organization in Ternopil who will distribute the material. The shipment from Boston to Ukraine will be coordinated by MEEST of Stoughton, MA. These supplies, donated by Boston-area hospitals, are specifically designated to be used in the treatment of war victims. We hope these donations will ease the suffering of those whose lives have been tragically altered in this unfortunate conflict.