Outreach Clinic in Lviv 2019

Outreach Clinic in Lviv 2019

Annual Outreach Clinic worked in Lviv, Ukraine from 22nd to 27th September, 2019. A team of American doctors performed examinations of children with burns and surgeries at Medicover Medical Center. …


The New Mission in Ukraine

Due to the preliminary data there is a high rate of cleft lip and palate abnormalities among kids in Ukraine. Thus a new program, lead by Gennadiy Fuzaylov, is being …

Lviv, 2018

Outreach Clinic in Lviv 2018

This year’s Outreach Clinic in Lviv, Ukraine, initiated by Gennadiy Fuzaylov, took place from September 15th through September 21st at Medicover Medical Center. The American team included participants from Boston, …