Our work featured in USA TODAY

Reporters of the Free Press, part of the USA TODAY Network, visited Poland in May. They followed our team who traveled to Poland to treat Ukrainian children with burns and congenital abnormalities. 20 children were operated during our Outreach Clinic 2023.

USA TODAY. “US doctors travel to edge of war zone to care for burned Ukrainian children”: “From victims of bomb injuries to prewar burns, 20 Ukrainian children travel to Poland for care that will help them continue to grow…

USA TODAY. “She was badly burned taking a selfie, then became a war refugee. Now US doctors are helping her”: This family endures a freak accident that severely burned a teen daughter followed by Russia’s invasion of their homeland….

USA TODAY. “She watched a Russian bomb land near her son — and change their lives”: US doctors took nerve tissue from a Ukrainian boy’s leg to restore function to his bomb-damaged left arm….

USA TODAY. “Children caught up in chaos as Russia invades Ukraine”: 176 photos…